Privacy Policy

Produced in January 2018

This Privacy Policy describes how the Association uses and protects information supplied by members. The Association will follow the requirements of the current legislation and regulations.

What we collect

Information supplied by members to ensure they may access the material benefits paid for to support hobby beekeeping activities.
For each member the Association holds: name, address, email address, phone number.
We also request the number of colonies insured for BDI purposes and to assist the ordering of stock for the Association trading hut.

What we do with the information we gather

The information supplied by members is stored on computer and

  • circulated to EBKA committee for use in the administration of the Association
  • passed to BBKA to record membership and secure the material benefits paid for
  • passed to Bee Diseases Insurance to secure the material benefits paid for
  • passed to Bee Inspectors, in response to their request, for inclusion in Bee Base to assist in the management of bee diseases.

Completed membership forms are used by the committee to process membership of the Association as described above, and to compile a membership list used by the committee to facilitate the running of the Association.

Membership forms are held by the Secretary for the current year, and destroyed by shredding at the end of the year.

How do we process the information given by members?

  1. Word document/PDF Association membership list for circulation to the committee. This is necessary for the committee to run the Association e.g. signing in sheet at meetings to provide a list of attendees to check in case the building is evacuated, to monitor attendance at meetings, list of phone numbers and email addresses for the Trading Secretary to contact members about equipment, committee members to contact members.
  2. Excel spreadsheet passed to BBKA to ensure processing of membership. This is necessary to implement the BBKA system to manage the membership register and provide membership benefits. Receipt of information by BBKA triggers membership number, membership benefits, insurance, membership card and BBKA News monthly.
  3. Excel spreadsheet information passed to BDI. This is necessary to access BDI e-return system, to ensure BDI insurance is in place, and membership certificate sent to members. 4. Word document/PDF Association membership list passed to Bee Inspectors for inclusion in Bee Base to assist in the management of bee diseases. The view of the committee is that it is necessary to agree to the request by Bee Inspectors for this list, in order to assist in locating apiaries in the event of a disease outbreak or exotic pest being found in UK.

Why do we store and process it electronically?

Information supplied by members is stored on computer. It is processed electronically as it is necessary to be compatible with the systems and requests by national bodies that we are affiliated to, and who provide membership benefits and insurance.

All members and officers are volunteers and this is the most efficient way to process data.


Members give consent to the Association holding and processing data by indication on the membership form annually when subscriptions are paid. The Association will ask parents/guardians to give consent for the holding and processing of data for Junior members.


The Association will keep information secure to the best of our ability.
Only designated officers, currently Secretary and Treasurer, have access to the BBKA membership register.

Only designated officers, currently Secretary and Treasurer, have access to BDI data via a secure log in to BDI website.
Block emails sent to the membership will be sent Bcc

The Association website has a members’ only page with a username and password log in facility.

Objection and removal

Members have the right to object to their data being held and processed electronically.

If a member’s data is removed from the system, and they wish to remain a member, it will need to be recorded manually and sent by post to BBKA and BDI. As this is an additional task for the committee, manual recording may cause delay to the processing of membership and may prove less secure as multiple copies of documents will be needed, and separate documents posted to secure the membership benefits.

Controlling your personal information

Members may request details of their personal information held by the Association. Members who believe the personal information held by the Association is incorrect, may contact a member of the committee. The committee will correct this as soon as possible.

The Data Protection Officer is the committee member/s who process membership and subscriptions.