Preparing for the Honey Show

Words by
Carole Finlay
Enfield Beekeepers Honey Show

Have you taken off your Spring honey? Don’t forget to save 3 jars for the Show. I usually save the first 3 jars that I take from the settling tank. I put them in a box marked HONEY SHOW, and woe betide anybody who touches them! Do this for each super & you will have a good selection of honey for the different classes.

Also, look at each frame before extracting. Save the best, don’t wait for a better one that might come along, don’t leave it in the hive as the bees might decide to eat it – this has been known. I will not mention any names! Carefully wrap it up in thick newspaper (I don’t think it matters which one), put it in the freezer labelled HONEY SHOW FRAGILE. I will tell you what to do next in September.


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