Preparing for the Honey Show

Words by
Carole Finlay
Enfield Beekeepers Honey Show


Tuesday June 19th, Broomfield School 7.30pm.

Have you all got that in your diaries?

Sue Lang, our lovely Honey Show judge is coming to help us all win awards at honey Shows. This will NOT be just a talk, there will be a quiz and I think that we will be doing some judging, so hands on rather that just sitting and listening. It should be fun, interesting and I am sure that we will all learn a lot.

Have you taken off your Spring honey? Don’t forget to save 3 jars for the Show. I usually save the first 3 jars that I take from the settling tank. I put them in a box marked HONEY SHOW, and woe betide anybody who touches them! Do this for each super & you will have a good selection of honey for the different classes.

Also, look at each frame before extracting. Save the best, don’t wait for a better one that might come along, don’t leave it in the hive as the bees might decide to eat it- this has been known. I will not mention any names! Carefully wrap it up in thick newspaper (I don’t think it matters which one), put it in the freezer labelled HONEY SHOW FRAGILE. I will tell you what to do next in September.

Hope to see you in June at Broomfield School.


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