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Hello everyone, summer has only just begun, however it’s that time of year when Ron Beckwith needs to order varroa treatments for the end of the season, and Neopoll to ensure it is available for our bees during the winter.

Things are still uncertain in terms of the Covid 19 situation, and we need to look forward and plan for our bees.

Autumn Varroa Treatment

This year we will be stocking Apiguard in the hut for autumn varroa treatment. MAQS has a short shelf life/use by date and is ineffective after the expiry date. We also need to be mindful of following Government guidance in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations and not use out of date treatments on our bees.

The committee has decided not to stock MAQS, as last year some treatments ordered by members were not collected and had to be written off, which regrettably has cost the Association money.

We will also be stocking Neopoll, however, in view of the current Covid 19 situation, we are organising things differently. If you wish to order, please calculate the total number of packets of Neopoll you will need for the winter and let Ron know.

Please can you let Bon B know by Friday 26th  June, by phone 07979 593 783 or email          

  1. How many colonies you need Apiguard treatment for. 
  2. How many packets of Neopoll you need for the whole winter. 

Ron will then let you know arrangements for collection and payment. 

Ambrosia Syrup

We will be ordering Ambrosia syrup as before. The cost is £14.10 for a 12.5kg can. Please let me know by email by Friday 19th  June, how many cans you need. We will let you know payment and collection arrangements when you order.

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