There is always something new to learn in beekeeping...

Each year we run a beginners’ beekeeping course which covers the main aspects of keeping bees and the beekeeping year and includes an introduction to bee diseases (see information on next course below).  The study group meets for theory sessions and these are augmented by practical sessions at the Association apiary and an equipment day for the construction of hive boxes and frames.

After keeping bees for a year all members are encouraged to take the BBKA Basic Assessment in Beekeeping which helps to confirm your knowledge and demonstrate your skill in handling bees.

Members may go on to study for the Honeybee Health Certificate, and seven modules on different aspects of apiculture offered by the BBKA.

There is always something new to learn in beekeeping and all Association meetings provide opportunities for education, sometimes with visiting speakers on subjects such as bee health and products of the hive.  Apiary sessions and working parties take place together with discussions about equipment, etc.  We hold an annual honey show which always features a demonstration hive and opportunity to help the public understand more about bees and beekeeping. A library of books which may be taken out on loan is also available at meetings.  Members can attend county and national beekeeping events which provide great opportunities for deepening knowledge.