Furthering all aspects of beekeeping and providing support to our members.

Some of what we do


To promote and improve bee health, we help beekeepers develop skills and knowledge to manage honey bees effectively.

Swarm Collection

If you think you may have a swarm of honeybees that you think might be a nuisance, our swarm coordinator will be able to help you.


There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh, natural honey. We help you find local honey from our beekeepers based in your area.

The Latest Buzz

Honey Show 2020

It is with great regret that I have to tell you that our Honey Show which was to be held in September has had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 Virus Regulations. Your committee has come to this decision after a great deal of thought, it was not taken lightly.  Enfield & District Beekeepers…

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News Update

Hello everyone, summer has only just begun, however it’s that time of year when Ron Beckwith needs to order varroa treatments for the end of the season, and Neopoll to ensure it is available for our bees during the winter. Things are still uncertain in terms of the Covid 19 situation, and we need to…

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News Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are safe and well in these troubled times. Here is an update as we progress in the Covid 19 lockdown. This is a long email as there is a lot to consider. Trading hut and equipment supplies Ron has put a lot of thought into how to help members look after…

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Preparing for the Honey Show

Have you taken off your Spring honey? Don’t forget to save 3 jars for the Show. I usually save the first 3 jars that I take from the settling tank. I put them in a box marked HONEY SHOW, and woe betide anybody who touches them! Do this for each super & you will have…

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The Beekeepers’ Year

January As the winter strengthens, so will the bees go into an even tighter ball in order to maintain 16°C-18°C to survive, that’s irrespective of outside temperature. On a nice day, around midday, even with the temperature as low as 6°C some bees will fly on which is called their airing or cleansing flights, with…

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So you want another Queen?

A few questions to ask first- Why do you want another Queen? Do you want to expand your colonies and have more hives or is your present Queen not up to scratch: Healthwise temperament bad traits. If your present Queen is not satisfactory from your point-of-view you will need to either buy a Queen or…

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Bees for Development

Some years ago I met Tom Olalobo and his family, refugees from Africa. I remember Tom telling me how, in his native Africa, he had been able to teach people how to take some sticks, and form them into a hoop about 12 inches diameter; weaving a few of these together, to form a cylinder…

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A Helping Hand

I had an unusual phone call from a gentleman last week, ‘I have a colony of honey bees in my apple tree, they have been there for several years and they keep swarming,’ he said. The tree was due to be cut down as it was rotten; it was in the centre of the garden…

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The Quest of Saint Bartholomew

I trained as a nurse at Barts and, of course, I knew that Rahere founded the hospital in 1123 but, at that time, that was the extent of my knowledge. Now, 30 years later, I am ‘in training’ to become a beekeeper. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the information that, according to legend,…

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Saint Nicholas

The story took place on 6th December 2000 The weather had been atrocious – gales and torrential rain had prevailed for well over a month all over the country and there had been flash floods in the area of North London where I live. Indeed, a beekeeping friend had had his two hives washed away…

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Upcoming Events

Throughout the year we have regular association meetings and talks as well as training courses and study groups designed to suit various levels of ability for complete beginners to the more experienced beekeeper.

Many of our events are for beekeepers, however some will also be of interest to non-beekeepers, particularly our annual honey show. If you are interested in beekeeping and want to know more, come along to one of our association meetings.



Oct 13

October Meeting

October 13 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Nov 10

November Meeting

November 10 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Dec 08

December Meeting

December 8 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm