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The Beekeepers’ Year

January As the winter strengthens, so will the bees go into an even tighter ball in order to maintain 16°C-18°C to survive, that’s irrespective of outside temperature. On a nice day, around midday, even with the temperature as low as 6°C some bees will fly on which is called their airing or cleansing flights, with…


So you want another Queen?

24th January 2018

A few questions to ask first- Why do you want another Queen? Do you want to expand your colonies and…

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Bees for Development

8th December 2017

Some years ago I met Tom Olalobo and his family, refugees from Africa. I remember Tom telling me how, in…

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A Helping Hand

8th December 2017

I had an unusual phone call from a gentleman last week, ‘I have a colony of honey bees in my…

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The Quest of Saint Bartholomew

18th February 2010

I trained as a nurse at Barts and, of course, I knew that Rahere founded the hospital in 1123 but,…

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Saint Nicholas

1st May 2009

The story took place on 6th December 2000 The weather had been atrocious – gales and torrential rain had prevailed…

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