Beekeeping is a fascinating and fulfilling pastime that benefits both bees and their keeper.

If you are considering membership, please contact the Association first to ascertain if vacancies are available and to prevent the return of your application form.

Membership Benefits

Affiliation Includes Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers' Associations and British Beekeepers' Association.

Insurance Bee Diseases Insurance & Product and Public Liability Insurance through BBKA.

Events Annual day of lectures by national speakers and programme of events through the year.

Support Advice from fellow beekeepers.

Trading Hut Access to trading facility to purchase equipment.

Bee Health Workshops and advice from the Regional Bee Inspector

Exhibiting Annual honey show.

BBKA All benefits of membership and magazine six times each year.

Registered Member

£40 per Year
  • All membership benefits
  • BBKA membership and insurance
  • Bee Diseases Insurance for 3 colonies.

Partner Member

£29 per year
  • Adult living at same address as Registered Member.
  • Benefits as Registered Member, minus newsletter & BDI

Junior Member

£25 per year
  • Individual under 18. Living at same address as Registered Member.
  • Accompanied at meetings by Parent/Carer

Frequently Asked Questions